Course EN61: Design and implementation of security in new and existing industrial systems in energy, oil, and gas. (ID#53707)

Introduce the necessary modifications by design into the IACS/SUC and eventually the plant, and implement effective and efficient countermeasures to prevent potential consequences for happening. Perform cybersecurity acceptance tests that meet the requirements of the previous assessment phase.

2161 EN61 Mitigate Intolerable Risk

  • Understand and use the results of the Cyber ​​Risk Assessment (ASSESSMENT).
  • In existing systems, incorporate by design the recommendations obtained in the previous stage (ASSESSMENT).
  • Define the optimal architecture, design the incorporation of necessary changes because of the detailed risk analysis.
  • Visualize, monitor and manage the progress of cybersecurity for each area and conduit as the recommendations are incorporated.
  • Visualize how the current security level (SLA) will approach the target security level (SLT).
  • Preparation of industrial cybersecurity specifications (CSRS) for areas and ducts.
  • Prioritize the implementation of security recommendations based on the greatest contribution to risk reduction, cost, effort, Security Level Capability, etc.
  • Even if you operate the system below risk tolerance, you can create policies to monitor and supervise incidents of remaining risks.
  • Define and configure the appropriate cybersecurity policies for each area and conduit, necessary for the next stage of monitoring and maintenance (MAINTENANCE)

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Summary of this event ID#53707

  • Language: English
  • Duration: around 10 to 12 hours, depending on student pace.
  • Modality: virtual online self-paced with SME coaching as needed.
  • Study and supplementary material
  • Eligible to take the certification exam in English
  • Join study and experience groups

Crash Course, Practical and Effective!

To ensure an adequate and maximum transfer of knowledge, it is necessary to access certified instructors who have the extensive knowledge and experience, making good use of international standards, regulations, and without vices.

One of the most important objectives to be achieved by the attendees at EN61, is to introduce the necessary modification by design to ensure the mitigation of every intolerable risk, to eliminate any change of danger or damage, to effectively, efficiently and sufficiently mitigate industrial cybersecurity risk, while optimizing time and resources.

You will learn a proven practical methodology to fully comply with ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards and harmonize with popular regulations with easy, and no hassle, that everyone can understand and follow.

This course will be held entirely, virtually prerecorded for on-demand, in English at the student own pace. The course slides and recordings will be available in English within the educational platform. Participants will have access to the course material for an indefinite period of time (minimum one year) with access to a wealth of complementary information.

At the end of the course and as a last activity, the participants will individually carry out an evaluation to obtain the corresponding certificate.

Modality and Schedules

After processing the subscription, the participants will receive the Syllabus by email and additional timely instructions. A Q&A session to participate in group with the instructor is available. You can also request one-to-one sessions with the instructor to receive personal professional guidance at no additional charge, even after the training event period has ended.

On-Demand with audio and video on the WiseCourses Academic Campus. It contains a practice exam at the end of the training event that will be taken online within our Educational Campus. The training material is not downloadable. Access to the training material is granted for one year, which can be extended upon request.

Participants must have at least one computer and Internet access with a good quality connection (a bandwidth of at least 1 MB).

Important: While, the training event takes place within a certain period of time, the student can complete the training before or after the specific period. Group sessions and chat assistance would not be available outside the specified period. Students are required to complete all course sections to participate in the evaluation and thus obtain the corresponding Certificate.

Live interactive and networking period runs from Monday, February 26th to Friday, March 1st. While we encourage to complete the training activity with the specified period, the participants will still be able to complete the training event with no limitations.

Professional Certification

All participants who have satisfactorily completed 100% of the EN61 course objectives will be eligible to take the internationally valid EN61 certification exam. Students who have successfully completed the course will be able to take the exam and thus obtain their professional certification.

Important Dates

  • February 19th, the course will be available to the participants. Early starters.
  • February 23rd, the last day to accept registrations.
  • February 26th, forum is open to general written discussions.
  • March 1st, open group discussion, live session with the instructor.


Volume discounts are available, over 5 participants.

ARPEL or ISA Active Member: U$D 950

The price is valid for a single participant. You will need to provide the ISA Active Member ID for verification.

No active membership: U$D 1,200

The price is valid for a single participant.

  • Date : June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024
  • Reg. Deadline : June 21, 2024 12:00 pm
  • Venue : WiseCourses Academy campus

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