Privacy & Security Policies

WisePlant’s mission is to develop, market and support products and services that contribute to the expansion and dissemination of technology and knowledge. WisePlant’s vision is to create a multidisciplinary, global brand and multichannel activity, establishing a solid constructive collaboration with partner companies, system integrators, suppliers, and end users.

Privacy of Data (PoD)

WisePlant Group LLC is strongly compromised with the commitment to maintain the information secure. We use the most advanced systems and update them constantly to make sure that there is no unauthorized access. To know more, visit: LINK

Security of Information (CIA)

For our clients, by the nature of our services dedicated to functional safety, Security of people, security of assets, Industrial cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure. It is important for us to have an information management system that meets the requirements of the projects and services we provide. To know more, visit: LINK

WiseSecurity Shield (Web Security)

From WisePlant we take security, confidentiality, and privacy consistently in each of the applications and activities we develop. Below we provide security information that every visiting user, registered or not, should know to obtain optimal and appropriate use of our platform and services. To know more, visit: LINK

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